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Welcome to Producer Exchange. This website supports our M&S Farming for the Future programme, part of our Plan A eco and ethical plan.

Through Farming for the Future, we are working with our M&S supply partners and the wider farming community to address the sustainability challenges facing the agriculture and aquaculture industries – from climate change to feeding a growing population. To find out more take a look at the video on the right.

We are working with our farmers and suppliers to share knowledge and drive change in the industry. To do this we have set up a number of initiatives. We have more than 200 Indicator Farms who we are working with to understand the challenges at farm level and implement changes to their businesses that drive long term sustainability. Our Education Programme has been developed to support and encourage young people as they develop their careers in agriculture and aquaculture. And, through our Innovation Fund, we are supporting research and development to find new ways of improving efficiency, ethical practice and the environment.

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