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Have you tried our Gloucester Old Spot Pork?

Oliver Whiteley’s family has been farming in Yorkshire for three generations. After returning to Yorkshire from the South of England in 2007, Oliver and his family opened a luxury bed and breakfast business. But unable to find to the perfect sausage and bacon for his discerning guests, Oliver took matters into his own hands and decided to produce his own.

After rearing a selection of traditional pig breeds including Saddleback, Tamworth, Large Black, Berkshire and Gloucester Old Spot, the family were all in agreement that Gloucester Old Spot pork was by far the best.

Now running the business across four sites, Oliver’s passion for the breed is clear to see. Over the last three years Oliver and his team of skilled stockmen, have carefully built up the biggest and best herd of Gloucester Old Spots in the world. Last year there were 750 Gloucester Old Spot sows breeding pure litters in the UK, and with Oliver’s herd currently standing at 650 breeding females, he makes up the vast majority of this UK number. The Gloucester Old Spot Pig breeders club was awarded Traditional Speciality Guaranteed status (TSG) by the EU Commission in June 2010. To gain this sought-after status, the pigs must be purebred pedigree stock and the farming methods must be to the highest welfare standard, currently well above anything accepted within the pig industry. And Oliver’s welfare standards are certainly high. His pigs are free range for their entire lives and live outdoors in a stress free environment. Oliver has successfully eliminated all the major pig production diseases and has developed a system that suits this slower growing old-fashioned breed. Put it all together and the result is high welfare heritage pork that tastes delicious!